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11th-Oct-2010 11:52 am - The Eye of Truth Chapter 1
wondergal: (animanga) (Drrr  ▎B&W Rose)
Title: The Eye of Truth
Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Fantasy
Characters: Roddick, Millie, Ronyx, Ilia
Disclaimer: I DO NO OWN STAR OCEAN. If I did i would be rich and not be writing fan-fiction for it since I could create it in the actual game.
The Group searches for the Eye of Truth. Bad at Summarizing
F.F.net Link: Here @F.F.net

The Fan-Fiction is for The search for the Eye of Truth but this has NO help what so ever in the game itself because some parts have changed (A-LOT).


It was a sunny day in Roak. The group were asleep at the inn in Astral City. Roddick awoke and saw the time. They were supposed to head out to another town. He went and woke up Millie, Ronyx and Ilia. Everyone came out and started talking about where they would go next. Suddenly a soldier from Astral Castle came up and said "Thank you for helping us. Also the King has requested for you to go to Purgatorium. Please if you have time, go there." and walks away. Roddick asked everyone if they should go there. They decided that they had nothing to lose and they thought they can find SOME answers to destroy Asmodius so, why not. The group traveled all the way to the Purgatorium after getting the map from the soldier.
They finally reached the Purgatorium and went inside.


I know I didn't write much but this is kinda like an INTRO. I know it's bad since I'm not a very good fan-fiction-er but I hope you like it.
The next chapter will be up soon. Please Review/Comment.

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