13 January 2015 @ 02:35 pm
(popuranoki @LJ)

Born in Australia.
Anime& manga go around my life.

Megane girl. I love books. My favorite subject is Literature. Yaoi is my love. I fall in love with every bi-shonen. FOREVER ALONE.

I have two cats. Izzy, my sweety who loves to cuddle and sleep on my pillow and Snowy, my fat persian/ragdoll kitten who is fat and lazy but very soft. I have a Guinea Pig & Hamster too. Kamikaze, my Guinea Pig who *loves* to squeak early in the morning to wake me up and Glider, my hamster who sleeps ALL the TIME and eats a lot. At least he likes his wheel.
Animal Crazy! WHEE.

scrapbook. credit . blogcrews & claims .

Current Music: Corinne Bailey Rae - Just Like a Star
Current Mood: cheerful
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