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When the Shadows Grow Long Chapter 1/Intro  
As he slipped his arm into his buttoned white shirt he flinched when he noticed the purple flair on his left upper arm. He trailed it softly before shutting his eyes hard and letting out a breath.
He got dressed and slowly put his bag sling stuffed with school books around his other shoulder.

"Get down here, worthless!" screamed a shrill woman's voice from downstairs. He trudged along nervously hoping his mother didn't break something again this morning.
"Good Morning... mother." God, how he hated calling that woman his mother. He could call her all the things, Evil, Dirty, Vile, Disgusting, Cruel,... No where fit to be a mother. She was an average looking lady. Mid-40's. Her hair was in a sloppy bun. All it did was made her pointy features clearer. Her eyes were dark and didn't have a shine in them at all. You could see the scowl lines between her eyebrows. Her skin was pale, almost to ghostly to look at. She was caked with face powder that made her look even paler and bright blush that might have made her look like a clown if any brighter. She was thin but her hands were chubby like meat stuffed stockings.

"Don't call me 'mother'," she hissed throwing a burnt piece of toast into a plate and dropping it on the table with a clatter.
He stood there for a few second before his mother clicked her tongue and grabbed him where his arm was bruised. She pushed him down into a chair.
He almost hissed in pain. Almost. He didn't want to get slapped again.

He took a bite from the toast and the bitter hurt his throat.
"Where's father?" he asked slowly, as he forced down the black piece of bread.
"Worthless man. Down at the bar or something. I don't give a shit."

As her fingers reached for the coffee she hit a plate of the counter.
She threw her coffee mug onto the ground. It shattered. Broken pieces of ceramic and coffee covered the floor.
"Clean this up," she growled as she stormed out of the kitchen.

He went over and picked up a shard resulting in a small blood stream. He just started at his finger, a few drops of blood spilling at a time.
He turned to the clock that was mounted above the small table in the kitchen.
8.10 AM.
'Late again. Figures.'

That would be an average morning for Mark Genifin.


Mark's whole body ached as he met the steps of school. He was out of breath and panting.

His only friend, Lee Dendah was waiting for him at the steps. He was a good looking guy. Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. A build that looked strong and fit but not muscular.
Mark always wondered why he would be friends with him. Mark himself was about the average height. He had shaggy brown locks of hair. His eyes were an olive green. His mother hated that.
Lee had his arms crossed over his chest.

"Gin, what kept you so late?"
"Uh... Just woke up late. Nothing to worry about, Ledah," he lied.

"Again with the nickname."
"You haven't stopped with 'Gin'."
"I never will," he said smiling.

Lee clinged to Mark's arm which resulted in a wince.
"You alright?"

He laughed nervously. "Of course! You're wasting time. Class has already began."
"Right, right," Ledah sighed.

A/N: Just a story new Im working on. This is just the base for my idea.
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