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2015-01-13 02:35 pm
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(popuranoki @LJ)

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2012-04-23 11:25 am

Junjou Cotton Fluff Candy Prompts No. #2 : aprons

prompt aprons
fandom Junjou Romantica
pairing Usami Akihiko/Takahashi Misaki
summary Misaki decides that he'll do something special for Akihiko on his 34th birthday. But now he completely regrets his actions.
A/N: Alright, I'll admit it. I don't really like aprons on guys. No, wait, I do. But not those girly pink fuwa fuwa aprons. Just those normal ones. I don't even know where I got this idea. Right, watching Masterchef while trying to think of a plot for my essay. :x
Anyway, aprons would look good on Misaki's figure. But JUST a plain apron. No lace or frills or anything. That makes it AWKWARD.

Aprons are fuwa )
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2012-04-21 08:15 pm

When the Shadows Grow Long Chapter 1/Intro

As he slipped his arm into his buttoned white shirt he flinched when he noticed the purple flair on his left upper arm. He trailed it softly before shutting his eyes hard and letting out a breath.
He got dressed and slowly put his bag sling stuffed with school books around his other shoulder.

"Get down here, worthless!" screamed a shrill woman's voice from downstairs. He trudged along nervously hoping his mother didn't break something again this morning.
"Good Morning... mother." God, how he hated calling that woman his mother. He could call her all the things, Evil, Dirty, Vile, Disgusting, Cruel,... No where fit to be a mother. She was an average looking lady. Mid-40's. Her hair was in a sloppy bun. All it did was made her pointy features clearer. Her eyes were dark and didn't have a shine in them at all. You could see the scowl lines between her eyebrows. Her skin was pale, almost to ghostly to look at. She was caked with face powder that made her look even paler and bright blush that might have made her look like a clown if any brighter. She was thin but her hands were chubby like meat stuffed stockings.

"Don't call me 'mother'," she hissed throwing a burnt piece of toast into a plate and dropping it on the table with a clatter.
He stood there for a few second before his mother clicked her tongue and grabbed him where his arm was bruised. She pushed him down into a chair.
He almost hissed in pain. Almost. He didn't want to get slapped again.
Continue~ )

A/N: Just a story new Im working on. This is just the base for my idea.
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2012-04-21 08:12 pm

fic: -thg- He'll Pick me Up

title He'll Pick me Up
author [info]popuranoki
rating K+. Nothing more than the book.
word-count 243
type one-shot
characters Peeta/Katniss
summary Time after time. If I'm scared, he'll help me up.
here @ LJ Comm & LJ Journal

3 years after everything... )
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2012-04-21 08:10 pm

Junjou Cotton Fluff Candy Prompts No. #1 : shoplight

edit slightly 12/4/12
I know that Im not very good at in-line conversations when writing. Thats why all my stories are more explain-y. (not a word)
So I guess I can use prompts as practice. Right? Yeah.
If I ever used in-line conversations for a competition I wouldn't win any awards. Oh god, that makes me sound selfish and self-centered. /facepalm.
But please don't judge my writings on this. As I said, I mostly write explanation stories from the narrator's pov.
So enjoy, I guess. ^w^

prompt shoplight
fandom Junjou Romantica
pov Usami Akihiko
pairing Usami Akihiko/Takahashi Misaki
summary Misaki gets a gift in the winter. Their 4th year together. Misaki's 22.
(Oh and this can also be found here on my ff/stories/writings/comps comm.)

His face was so red. A small smile tugged on my lips. )
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2012-04-21 08:06 pm

fic: -sih- The Case of Onodera Ritsu: The Older Brother? (C-1)

title The Case of Onodera Ritsu: The Older Brother?
author [info]popuranoki/ Golden Tinted Haze.
rating T+. (for now.. I think..)
word-count 431. Now - 710.
characters Onodera Ritsu. Masamune Takano. OC Soaruko Minami.
parings Masamune/Ritsu. Minami will get her own. Maybe...
summary Ritsu gets a phone call from his mother telling him he has a 15 year old sister. And she is going to live with him. OC. Maybe a few crossovers. Ritsu is 26 years old. He hasn't completely confessed to Takano but he doesn't reject his advances anymore. At least not much.
here @ LJ comm

Chapter One )
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2012-03-29 11:30 am

Junjou Roma-Ego-Terro

Junjō Romantica Boys-Love Manga Gets New Anime!

Oh God. This is awesome!
I hope we get a lot of the Terrorist Couple & the Egoist Couple (Favorite). Im way over excited for this but I can't help it. ♥
Now someone make a Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai OVA and I'll be a happy camper. (does anyone use that expression anymore..)

Here is the Anime Spotlight Spring 2012 List (from ANN). I should really re-start blogging since life's less hectic these days.
Im excited to watch Dusk maiden of Amnesia, HYOUKA, Kids on the Slope, and Tsuritama.

& now that Im excited as hell, Im going to find my Junjou Romantica Drama CD's and listen to them.
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2012-03-28 02:03 pm


So I watched the Hunger Games last night. Let me cry forever. It was beautiful.♥
The Hunger Games Spoilers )
The relationships were a bit rushed but most of the people who read the book would find it perfect. Like me.
Didn't get much Cinna. ; 3 ;

At the reaping, I was already crying. Jen Law is such a perfect Katniss. My heart broke a little.
All of Prim's reactions.
Josh Hutch. filled Peeta with so much emotion. Gyaa. He is adorable.
The bread scene: Katniss and Peeta are too old but I don't really mind.
Whenever the screen cut to Gale when Peeta & Katniss are kissing, half of the audience laughed and some "awww"-ed. I laughed. Poor Gale. I pity the guy. Oh well, he gets action in the 3rd book. xD

When Rue died. OH GOD WHY. I sobbed. So much. Katniss's reaction was heartbreaking. The song "Deep In the Meadow" was beautiful. It made be cry even more. My best friend kept patting me head.
Thresh is awesome. "Just this time, 12. For Rue."
I was hoping for Peeta surgery thing on the Capitol jet right after the games. Katniss banging on the glass and the surgeons working on Peeta. THAT would have made it.
I loved the cutting from the Games to Haymitch. His reaction to the Capitol kids pretending "kill" with fake swords was so true. The Capitol just thinks of death and fights as fun. Like the Romans did.

One of my favorite "out of books" quote. "THAT IS MAHOGANY!". Oh my God. lol. I cracked up. I love Effie.

The nightlock and Seneca Crane. They locked him up with the berries. Oh Shi-
Poor Guy. I kind of felt bad for him. I guess the movie made me like Seneca and his beard.

After the movie, I continued crying. Now I have to wait for 607 days till The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. At least Finnick will be in that one. ♥

Who else watched the movie? Want to watch it? Did you cry? Did you like it?
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2012-01-02 12:20 pm
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2012` A new year to mess

Happy New Year !
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2011-12-25 11:46 am
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Merry Christmas! ♥

Merry/Happy Christmas !.

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2011-12-17 01:24 pm

New Pokémon Game Revealed!

Sweet Honey marmalade dipped in Black pepper with cheerios. Its a new Pokemon game. With a feudal Japan theme.
 Read info here 4gamer & here.
 YES YES YES! Its on Nintendo DS I suppose but I don't care. I may as well buy a 2nd hand 3DS JUST for this game.
/is a huge fan of pokemon though its quiet about it.
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2011-12-10 05:27 pm

Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

[Error: unknown template qotd]Trying to find a new layout. Getting fangirly on Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. & wondering what hentai manga to buy...
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2011-11-24 05:11 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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2011-11-21 08:29 pm

28 ones @ BF-B

Some icons..
Homestuck = 16
Misc = 12

Here @[livejournal.com profile] beefburgers
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2011-11-15 03:58 pm

The Hunger Games Official Trailer 2012 HD

Just saw the official full trailer for the Hunger Games. SO excited. Made me sorta teary.
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2011-10-31 11:18 am
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Trick or Treat!

Its Halloween! Woo! Gotta prepare things for the party.

Happy Halloween!!

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2011-10-30 01:37 pm
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The more you know..

Almost Halloween. :D Got a few stories here. I can't wait for tomorrow. :D


During the summer of 2003, events in the northeastern United States
involving a strange, humanlike creature sparked brief local media
interest before an apparent blackout was enacted. Little or no
information was left intact, as most online and written accounts of the
creature were mysteriously destroyed.

Primarily focused in rural New York state, self proclaimed witnesses
told stories of thier enounters with a creature of unkown origin.
Emotions ranged from extremely traumatic levels of fright and
discomfort, to an almost childlike sense of playfulness and curiosity.
While their published versions are no longer on record, the memories
remained powerful. Several of the involved parties began looking for
answers that year.

The Rake... )
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2011-10-29 01:08 pm
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] effie!
I know you're not that active on LJ but I hope you get this. :D