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11th-Oct-2010 11:52 am - The Eye of Truth Chapter 1
wondergal: (animanga) (Drrr  ▎B&W Rose)
Title: The Eye of Truth
Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Fantasy
Characters: Roddick, Millie, Ronyx, Ilia
Disclaimer: I DO NO OWN STAR OCEAN. If I did i would be rich and not be writing fan-fiction for it since I could create it in the actual game.
The Group searches for the Eye of Truth. Bad at Summarizing
F.F.net Link: Here @F.F.net

Chapter 1 : Kings Request  )
wondergal: (animanga) (Default)
To make me feel better about my furry creatures (not that it would hep much), I will write a Fan-Fiction about Star Ocean 'First Departure'.

Plot: Quest of the Eye of Truth
Setting: At Roak (PAST)
Problem: Finding the Eye of Truth
Characters: Roddick, Millie, Ronyx, Ilia
Wait. You got to READ it 1st.
Outcome: Wait. You got to READ it 1st.
Continues in Chapters.

The 1st Chapter will be posted here & on Fan-fiction.net
The rest of the Chapters will be on Fan-fiction.net
 Please wait for it. :3
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