zara frenzy
edit slightly 12/4/12
I know that Im not very good at in-line conversations when writing. Thats why all my stories are more explain-y. (not a word)
So I guess I can use prompts as practice. Right? Yeah.
If I ever used in-line conversations for a competition I wouldn't win any awards. Oh god, that makes me sound selfish and self-centered. /facepalm.
But please don't judge my writings on this. As I said, I mostly write explanation stories from the narrator's pov.
So enjoy, I guess. ^w^

prompt shoplight
fandom Junjou Romantica
pov Usami Akihiko
pairing Usami Akihiko/Takahashi Misaki
summary Misaki gets a gift in the winter. Their 4th year together. Misaki's 22.
(Oh and this can also be found here on my ff/stories/writings/comps comm.)

His face was so red. A small smile tugged on my lips. )
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