zara frenzy
title The Case of Onodera Ritsu: The Older Brother?
author [info]popuranoki/ Golden Tinted Haze.
rating T+. (for now.. I think..)
word-count 431. Now - 710.
characters Onodera Ritsu. Masamune Takano. OC Soaruko Minami.
parings Masamune/Ritsu. Minami will get her own. Maybe...
summary Ritsu gets a phone call from his mother telling him he has a 15 year old sister. And she is going to live with him. OC. Maybe a few crossovers. Ritsu is 26 years old. He hasn't completely confessed to Takano but he doesn't reject his advances anymore. At least not much.
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Chapter One )
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