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21 April 2012 @ 08:12 pm
title He'll Pick me Up
author [info]popuranoki
rating K+. Nothing more than the book.
word-count 243
type one-shot
characters Peeta/Katniss
summary Time after time. If I'm scared, he'll help me up.
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3 years after everything... )
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28 March 2012 @ 02:03 pm

So I watched the Hunger Games last night. Let me cry forever. It was beautiful.♥
The Hunger Games Spoilers )
The relationships were a bit rushed but most of the people who read the book would find it perfect. Like me.
Didn't get much Cinna. ; 3 ;

At the reaping, I was already crying. Jen Law is such a perfect Katniss. My heart broke a little.
All of Prim's reactions.
Josh Hutch. filled Peeta with so much emotion. Gyaa. He is adorable.
The bread scene: Katniss and Peeta are too old but I don't really mind.
Whenever the screen cut to Gale when Peeta & Katniss are kissing, half of the audience laughed and some "awww"-ed. I laughed. Poor Gale. I pity the guy. Oh well, he gets action in the 3rd book. xD

When Rue died. OH GOD WHY. I sobbed. So much. Katniss's reaction was heartbreaking. The song "Deep In the Meadow" was beautiful. It made be cry even more. My best friend kept patting me head.
Thresh is awesome. "Just this time, 12. For Rue."
I was hoping for Peeta surgery thing on the Capitol jet right after the games. Katniss banging on the glass and the surgeons working on Peeta. THAT would have made it.
I loved the cutting from the Games to Haymitch. His reaction to the Capitol kids pretending "kill" with fake swords was so true. The Capitol just thinks of death and fights as fun. Like the Romans did.

One of my favorite "out of books" quote. "THAT IS MAHOGANY!". Oh my God. lol. I cracked up. I love Effie.

The nightlock and Seneca Crane. They locked him up with the berries. Oh Shi-
Poor Guy. I kind of felt bad for him. I guess the movie made me like Seneca and his beard.

After the movie, I continued crying. Now I have to wait for 607 days till The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. At least Finnick will be in that one. ♥

Who else watched the movie? Want to watch it? Did you cry? Did you like it?
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15 November 2011 @ 03:58 pm
Just saw the official full trailer for the Hunger Games. SO excited. Made me sorta teary.
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10 October 2011 @ 01:35 pm
Yesterday, I watched a few 1st ep anime. I watched Maken Ki, Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai), Persona 4 The Animation (Oh YEAH!), and Maji Nasai (Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!). :D 
P4 Animation isn't what I was expecting, but i can't say it wasn't good. I guess the 1st episode WAS only JUST released a few days back so.. The face of Yuu at the end. (kukuku)
I am glad that the P4 opening song is still the same and I couldn't help start singing to it. (We are living our lives)
The only thing that pisses me off is that Persona 4 is Coming to Vita and not the PSP.. Gah! (01.)

I finally got The Hunger Games Catching Fire 2 days ago. I just finished it this morning.. xD How I love the Hunger Games. Now I finally understand the 3rd book (still haven't read the ending). Now I know HOW (SPOILERS!!)
Haymitch got his face scratched and how Peeta got caught by the Capitol.

And now, I do prefer Peeta x Katniss a bit more to Gale x Katniss. And now I'm sad since I'm about to finish it.. D:

I'm just about to finish my icon batch too.


Don't stop reading this. Don't look away. You see, my darling, I am
watching you. Not where you would find me, so don't look around. Don't
look away from your computer screen.

I've known you for such a long time. Remember when you would
crawl into your parents bed at night? That wasn't your mom you cuddled
up to, my love. And when you got too old to sleep with me, I would go to
your bed instead. I still do from time to time when I'm missing you. I
make sure you don't remember those "nightmares". The ones where you open
your eyes and see what's left of mine staring back at you. The skin is
starting to grow over them, but I can still see that beautiful look of
terror on your face. I can still see the smell of my rot overwhelm you.
My flesh tingles when you feel my damp, bony hand covering your mouth
while the other strokes your cheek. Don't worry, I won't leave you. In
fact, I'm watching you right now. Don't look away from the screen, my
dear. I love staring into your eyes.


I have a story to tell you, but I beg you not to read it. Please, don't.
I know it sound stupid, but by the time you understand why, it will be
too late. I know this will not deter many of you, but without this
simple warning to ease my conscience, I may not be able to go through
with this. And I desperately need to go through with this. Let me start
at the beginning.
+ )

Bye~ :D Hope you liked the stories.

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